Orthopaedic Advocacy Week

Amplify Across Social Media

On the first day of Orthopaedic Advocacy Week, we raised awareness around four key policy issues across social media. It was a critical step to building support for AAOS-supported legislation and capturing the attention of lawmakers.

While the event has ended, we are continuing to advocate for passage of the bills. You can help amplify the orthopaedic voice by downloading the social media toolkits below and posting AAOS-branded graphics and sample posts.

Here are a couple of tips to help increase the visibility of our efforts yearound:

  • Tag your congressional representatives
  • Use the hashtag #OrthoAdvocacyinAction
  • Engage with your peers' posts (like, share, comment, etc.)

Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization Reform Basic Card.jpg

Payment Policy Changes

EM_Basic Card.jpg

Safety from Workplace Violence


Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice_CTA.jpg

More on Social Media

Social media offers a more public way for AAOS members to amplify healthcare policy issues, press lawmakers for solutions, and build awareness around the power of advocacy among their peers. In fact, many congressional offices closely monitor these platforms for constituent concerns and association campaigns such as Orthopaedic Advocacy Week. You can use the hashtag #OrthoAdvocacyinAction all year-long to post about critical issues and elevate conversations on advancing access to quality musculoskeletal care.

Also, be sure to follow the AAOS on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for advocacy news and updates throughout the year.