What Is the Value of Your Associate Orthopaedic Candidate Membership?

For 2022, the Associate Orthopaedic Candidate Membership Dues are $487 and the annual meeting registration is $200 for a total of $687. With this, you may access all the benefits below and more for a value of more than $7,000!

*An Associate Orthopaedic Candidate Member can access all the benefits listed and more! More OrthoGuidelines, Patient Toolkits, COVID-19 Resources, and Bone Beat Podcasts than ever.
** The AAOS 2022 Annual Meeting Early Bird registration of $200 included 3 Instructional Course Lectures (ICLs).
*** Based on one webinar per month.
**** Based on one webinar per month.
***** Based on one webinar per month.

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